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How to change the lock screen wallpaper on your Kindle 7″ (Guide)

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Changing the Lock Screen Wallpaper on Kindle 7″ is a difficult task but here we tell you how to do it very easily by following some very easy steps. The steps following are easy for amateurs and not so easy for the beginners. So, follow each step carefully.


Warning: The process described below can be very painful if not done properly. Any mistake can cause you to have a Bricked phone in your hand. We are not responsible for any damage whatsoever.

What you need:

1) A Rooted Phone

2) A File Browser such as Root Explorer

3) Winrar on your PC

Lets Begin!

1) Open Root Explorer, Go to /system/framework and copy framework-res.apk file to your SD card

2) Connect your phone to your PC with Data cable

3) Make sure you have USB Debugging enabled

4) Move framework-res.apk file from your Phone to your PC

5) Open the file using Winrar and go to \res\raw

6) Find the images named hi_xxx_p.jpg and hi_xxx_l.jpg. (These are the 1280×800 images, p are portrait images and l are landscape images)

7) Replace the images with new ones of your choice keeping the name same otherwise nothing will work. (1280×800 images are recommended)

8) Save and Close this winrar file

9) Copy it to your SD card again and unplug the phone from your PC

10) Open Root Explorer again and mount the system directory to R/W (Read/Write) mode.

11) Copy the file from your SD card to /system/framework and overwrite.

12) Touch and hold the file and set the permissions to rw-r-r

13) Restart your Phone

14) Done ;) Now you have new Lock Screen Wallpapers of your choice

15) Go to Root Explorer and Unmount the file system


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